In order for communities to thrive and prosper, it is essential that they are provided with innovative and well managed power generation systems. While in some countries this might not be a challenge, having steady electrical power supply can be complicated in terms of generation and distribution. Therefore, and with the rapid expansion of needs for electricity initiating in Iraq, IVI Holding has engaged and successfully implemented several IPPs through its affiliation in Inter Free Company (IFC) along with vast amounts of works as an EPC.

IFC is specialized in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for electricity power plants and infrastructure. To date, it has installed 4,500+ MW to the grid, with 3,000 MW under construction. It has accumulated vast experience in gas turbines and diesel electrical generation, including civil, mechanical, electrical, erection, commissioning, and operation; its experiences extend to mechanical and electrical balance of power generation plants.

Featured Project

  •   Karbala Power Plant - 250 MW
  •   Shat Al Basra Power Plant - 1250 MW
  •   Hilla Power Plant - 250 MW
  •   South Baghdad Power Plant - 400 MW
  •   Samawa Power Plant – 50 MW
  •   Al-Daura Refinery Power Plant – 50 MW
  •   Al-Anbar Power Plant – 1,650 MW
  •   Samawa Power Plant – 50 MW