Food & Beverage

IVI Holding is currently prioritizing investments in the F & B business in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. F & B is focused on generating strong economic returns to IVI Holding’s portfolio by building solid brands and partnering with international food chains.

IVI Holding aims to invest highly in the F & B sector, especially in QSRs that have proven to be a great success in most countries around the world.

Furthermore, we have given much importance to the need for customers to have access to the widest range of food and non-food item through the development of Meswag hypermarket in Iraq.

The company is currently active in Baghdad with plans to expand in all regions of Iraq in the next couple of years. Meswag currently has the largest hypermarket space in Iraq to provide customers a large variety of products and customer service. Meswag is a standalone hypermarket with 2,700 m2 land area, 1,600 m2 retail area, and 1,100 m2 for offices, storage, and preparation areas, and a 5,000 m2 parking area.

Meswag Hypermarket encompasses a consumer experience that is convenient, accessible, affordable, and attractive. The name “Meswag” in Iraqi dialect is a literal meaning to the act of grocery shopping.

Meswag is not just a one-stop shop; Meswag is an experience that fulfils every household.